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Pokemon My Ass

Hello all dudes. Nice to meet you here!!!
In the Pokemon hacking world, there are many different kinds of hack. Some are completely revolutionized with many improvements and changes, some are just a normal hack with a few changes. And there are still some which combines many changes and funny elements, like the hack Pokemon My Ass we are introducing here. It is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red. You can play it with GBA Emulators on your PC/Phone (Android, iOS). This game is developed by Lucas Urso e Bobby and now completed. It has 2 language versions: English and Spanish.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon My Ass

Pokemon My Ass

Pokemon My Ass Box Art

After about a few hours we have tried playing this game, it is really a great hack. Your support will help the author make it better and greater.

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At pokemonmyass.com, all informations about Pokemon My Ass including: Download, Walkthrough, Cheats and Guides are available and more posts will be posted soon.

Game Informations

  • Name: Pokemon My Ass
  • Based on: Pokemon Fire Red Version
  • System: Game Boy Advance
  • Category: RPG
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Version: Completed Final
  • Author: Lucas Urso e Bobby
  • Original Publisher: Game Freak – Nintendo

Game Plot

It is not an ordinary hack like the others, when people want their heroes or protagonists become a Pokemon Champion of any region and save the human race from the hands of some evil teams with many strange – mysterious – powerful Pokemon. This hack only tells the stories of a young trainer who is a playboy. He usually beats and scolds everyone. He wants to show off his “power of the youth” (well, this is not a suitable and right way to do it). One day, his childhood rival comes. He tells him that he will become the best trainer of Johto Region, not him. And so our characters had a fierce fight, but they couldn’t determine who became the winner. They came to the lab of Professor Oak who is the grandfather of “the childhood rival.” Here, they get two Pokedex (a device which can be used for displaying the number and the stats of any captured Pokemon) and a Pokemon from the six starters on the table. After a battle, that young playboy was the winner. The childhood rival and him made a deal: who become the Pokemon Champion first will have the rights to have the ass of that one’s opponent! Let’s see who will have the ass first.


  • Our protagonist do not wear T-shirt. Instead, he shows off his bare chest.
  • The Gym leaders are now wear bikini.
  • The main goal of our characters are become the Pokemon Champion and get the ass of their opponents first.
  • The conversations are changed with humourous and funny dialogues. Some of them are meaningless, but they are enough to make our players laugh.
  • Many things that are not available in any other Pokemon game: meet the Mutant Ninja Turtles in some sewers, catch some fishes in a volcano, etc.
  • If you are lazy with the Pokemon catching in any wild environment, you can buy them in the PokeMarts.


Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 01

Pokemon My Ass Title Screen

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 02

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 03

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 04

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 05

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 06

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 07

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 08

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 09

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 10

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 11

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 12

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 13

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 14

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 15

Pokemon My Ass Screenshot 16

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Thank you very much for reading.

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Pokemon My Ass

Pokemon My Ass